Brookhaven Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

The New York Bariatric Wellness Program-
Specializing In Rehabilitative Care for the Severely Obese Patient

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Mission Statement

The Bariatric Wellness Program at Brookhaven Rehabilitation and Health Care Center supports the theory that morbid obesity is a chronic disease. Keeping this in mind the program has been designed to assist overweight residents in achieving their goal of weight loss,. rehabilitation, and eventual return to independent living in the community.

The Wellness Program has developed a treatment model which is an interdisciplinary centered approach with a common goal of lifestyle change and functional independence. Each resident is required to actively participate in their plan of care which is structured around education to learn lifestyle change in order to achieve weight loss in a way that facilitates long term results, as well as to maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.

A multi-disciplinary team of specialists in nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, medicine} and nursing coordinate efforts to provide the residents with individualized care.

Promoting Recovery and Independence

Residents receive intensive physical and occupational therapy to assist in activities of daily life, strengthening techniques, ambulation, balance, climbing steps and transfer training.  Our goal is to assist residents in becoming as mobile as possible, to regain independence and enjoy a more fulfilling life when they return to the community.

Residents often enter our program with multiple medical problems common among obese persons.  Diagnoses may include: cardiovascular disease such as congestive heart failure or stroke, diabetes, hypertension, cellulitis, lymphodema, or osteoarthritis.

Facing Fears

We understand that one of those most painful aspects of obesity is the emotional suffering it causes the residents and their families.  We place a strong emphasis on individual, group and family counseling to assist residents in their recovery by building self-esteem and confidence to overcome embarrassment, frustration, loneliness, isolation, and depression.

Overcoming Obstacles

Residents participate in some form of daily psychotherapy with our full-time social works.  These valuable methods of communication, validation, camaraderie and support provide residents with the tools they need to return home with strength, determination and the goal of maintaining a healthy, productive life.  Weekly "community meetings" encourage continued communication between participants and staff who meet to discuss the program.

Healthy Eating... An Essential Ingredient for Successful Recovery

Our full-time dietitians create and plan healthy menus, teach residents the dynamics of good nutrition, label analysis and the importance of a healthy diet.  Cooking classes offer a hands-on opportunity to learn the proper techniques of healthy cooking, and avoiding rich and unhealthy foods.

Exercising Mind and Body

A major focus of our rehabilitation program is to introduce exercise as an enjoyable and critical part of everyday life for residents as they move toward a healthier lifestyle.  The exercise program seeks to increase energy level, decrease appetite, preserve muscle mass during weight loss, reduce body fat, increase flexibility, improve motor coordination and promote ambulation and activity

Our daily recreation program, which includes evening activities, provides a wide range of activities including computer access and Internet classes, movies, exercise groups, happy hour and entertainment to promote recovery.

Rehabilitation.  Recovery.  Return to Home.

Discharge planning is an integral part of the rehabilitation process.  Our staff works with residents to coordinate home care, order necessary equipment and assess the home environment to make the transition home as safe and successful as possible.

Here's What Patients Say About Our Programs

"This program has helped me more than anyone could have ever dreamed of, and I see a future for the first time in a long time."

"I'm losing weight, I came in at 365 lbs. I'm 314 now, and I'm doing well. I can now stand and soon I'll be walking again."

"Being in the program has taught me to read labels and to know the difference between eating disorders and bad eating habits, therefore being able to just say no to foods and snacks that are bad for me."

"This program is really working for me. The people are wonderful, loving, and friendly."

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